Funding for short campaigns and social action in Hungary

Hungarian NGOs can now apply for funding for small projects, campaigns and actions on human rights, hate speech, social inclusion, multicultural understanding and gender equality.

Applications can be submitted continously until 31 December 2014. The maximum grant size is 5000 euros. 

The aim of the call is to support the organization and implementation of short campaigns or one-time movements, social or/and joint actions.

The actions must address one or several of the below horizontal concerns of the EEA/Norway grants:

  • human rights and the rights of minorities (based on ethnic, religious, linguistic and sexual orientation), equal opportunities;
  • combating racism and xenophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, extremism;
  • tolerance, multicultural understanding and social inclusion instead of discrimination and exclusion;
  • understanding, mitigation and solution of problems arising from poverty and inequalities (with special attention to the situation of Roma);
  • promoting gender equality, combating inequalities, gender-based and domestic violence and trafficking.

Priority will be given to actions addressing the above mentioned concerns (one or several) through activities combating hate speech and hate crime.

Any action and campaign idea is welcome that aims to raise awareness about problems occurring in the above-described areas and takes action to solve them in order to change or improve the present situation. Preference is given to initiatives relying on diverse methods, including modern online tools or any other innovative, creative solutions which can be demonstrated to be effective.

Who may apply?
A "non-governmental organization" (NGO), is eligible for support within the NGO Fund if it is established in Hungary and meets the following definition: "A non-profit voluntary organization established as a legal entity, having a non-commercial purpose, independent of local, regional and central government, public entities, political parties and commercial organizations. Religious institutions and political parties are not considered NGOs."

Project lenght and size
Size of grants in the present call is minimum 1000 € and maximum 5000 € per project, the length of the projects can be maximum 1 year (there is no minimum length). The total amount to be distributed for the action projects is maximum 285 000 €.

Method of application
Applications can be submitted continuously from the publication of the call (16 December 2013) until the end of 2014 (31 December) or until the budget is exhausted, whichever occurs first.

Partnership and Cooperation 
Networking and joint actions of NGOs are encouraged. To this end the applicants can implement their projects individually or in consortium with partner organizations or with other collaborators. Partners shall be involved in the preparation and implementation of the project. 

An important general goal of the NGO Fund is to strengthen and develop bilateral partnerships with Donor States, i.e. partnerships with organizations from Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. Therefore the Operator encourages the applicants to initiate bilateral/international cooperation with the Donor States, e.g. to exchange best practices and experiences. In case a project proposal includes bilateral/international partnership the maximum eligible grant amount can be increased by maximum 10%. The additional funding may only be used to cover the direct costs of international cooperation.

For more information and to download the call, click here

Article published on 17 December 2013
This article has been last modifed on 17 December 2013