Norwegian NGOs invited to matchmaking seminar in Lithuania

The second call for proposals will be announced on 20 January. To strenghten bilateral relations, Norwegian NGOs are hereby invited to apply to attend the matchmaking seminar that will take place in Vilnius on 12 February 2014. 

One of the key objectives of NGO Programme Lithuania is to strengthen bilateral relations between the Donor States and Lithuania.

On 12th February, 2014 the meeting of NGOs from Lithuania, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland will be held in Vilnius. This matchmaking seminar aims at extending NGO field of activity, establishing and developing bilateral relations and partnerships.

During the seminar, the participants will discuss the advantages, benefits and opportunities of bilateral partnership, as well as share their good practice - challenges met, lessons learned, benefits gained.

The seminar will provide space to review the real opportunities with future partners for mutual collaboration as well as common ground for anticipatory projects.

The specific priorities for this call are sharing experience and tools in working on fighting discrimination on all grounds especially covering disability issues as well as domestic and gender based violence, sexual harassment, racism and xenophobia, homophobia, transgender issues, discrimination of HIV positive/AIDS patients. Other priorities include projects contributing to working on environment protection and those who contribute to ensuring human rights in Belarus.

Organisations working in the following fields are invited to apply:
• racism and xenophobia
• homophobia, transgender issues
• community-based services for children with disabilities and/or mental disorders and their families
• watchdog and monitoring, legal advocacy, reporting and strategic litigation
• environment protection
• contributing to ensuring human rights in Belarus.

The Lithuanian Programme Operators will cover the travel and accomodation cost (2 nights) for one person as well as two dinners .

Please fill in the registration form (you may enter approximate flight cost, but please do not purchase tickets before your attendance is confirmed). The confirmation will be sent upon receipt of the registration form.

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Article published on 13 January 2014
This article has been last modifed on 13 January 2014