12 Sep 2014

It is never too early to claim all your rights

"Do we experience homophobia? Yes, a lot of it [...]. People are being beaten, or they are not accepted to work, or they are being bullied at their workplace. But the worst thing here is that the top leaders of the country are homophobic as well." These are the words pronounced by Irena Vaglikaitė, an LGL community member, during the Rainbow Bus tour that took place in Vilnius on May 2014 in celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

24 Aug 2014

- Better understand than hate

Exchange of experiences is useful when combatting racism and hate speech in Europe. The Norwegian-Polish project "Better understand than hate» was initiated this spring, and the aim is to increase understanding and tolerance. The project is financed by the EEA Grants and the Polish NGO Programme.

17 Aug 2014

Towards Advocacy of Mental Health and Human Rights in Lithuania: the Role of NGOs

Lithuania remains among states characterized by very poor public mental health indicators with preserved legacy of closed residential institutions, including large psychiatric hospitals.


05 Aug 2014

Continued cooperation for children with rare disorders

Ten years ago, Dorica Dan, a mother with a daughter with Prader-Willis Syndrom (PWS) met representatives from Norwegian Prader-Willis Association and Frambu during a conference in New Zealand. Since then they have implemented various projects together, including setting up a centre for people with rare disorders. Recently, they organised a conference together in Romania.


05 Aug 2014

Ladies from all over the world are changing the face of Lithuania

Migrants constitute only 1% of the Lithuanian population. Despite the low number, Lithuania is one of the most unfriendly societies for foreigners in Europe. There is a stable increase in nationalistic and racist messages in Lithuanian public discourse.


06 Aug 2014

Disabled emigrants? Developing temporary respite service in Lithuania instead

"I got to know that the child whom I was expecting would have problems only during the last ultrasound check when it was only one and half month left to giving birth. It was a catastrophe. I can't deny I had a lot of different thoughts, says Neringa Bulotaite, who is famous on the stage by more than one impressive role. Now when curtains are down and applause stops, one more constant role is waiting for her – it is being a mother of a sixteen year old girl who has special needs since birth.

01 Aug 2014

Lithuania among the countries where whistleblowers are poorly protected

The protection of whistleblowers is poor in Lithuania. A project by Transparency International Lithuania and Transparency International Norway seeks to address this. 


28 Jun 2014

From institutional care for Lithuanian children to family and community-based alternatives

In Lithuania, almost 2 per cent of children are deprived of parental care and more than a third of these children are in institutional care. Lithuania lacks complex community-based services, and relies instead on institutional care. An EEA Grants project in Lithuania is currently improving the situation for these children. 


30 Jun 2014

Sexuality Education for Teens in Cyprus

'I'M SET!' is an 18-month bilateral cooperation project between Cyprus and Norway. The project aims to promote the sexual rights of teens through the implementation of mandatory human rights based Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in middle schools in Cyprus.

21 Jun 2014

Creating a climate platform in Romania

In Romania, and in the rest of South East Europe, climate changes represent one of the top challenges. Specific measures are lacking as the awareness is still low and stakeholders do not understand or act accordingly. The EEA Grants project Climate Forum intends to create dialogue between stakeholders and provide specific expertise for enhancing a sustainable future.

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