bulgarianflagNGO Programme 2009-2014Total allocation to Bulgaria: €126.6 million

Allocation to NGO Programme: €11.8 million

There will be continued significant support for the civil society sector in Bulgaria. An NGO Programme worth €11.8 million will aim to strengthen civil society and enhance its contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development. This programme will focus on issues such as social inclusion and anti-discrimination, as well as promoting active citizenship, good governance and transparency.

Funds have been earmarked to provide flexible and accessible funding to eligible NGOs, with the aim to foster an enabling environment for the sector, strengthen its capacity and enhance its contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development. At least 10 % of the total allocation to the programme will be allocated to children and youth driven organisations and/or activities targeting children and youth.


In the current period, there will be three open calls for proposals for eligible NGOs in the following four priority areas:
  • Democracy, human rights and good governance
  • Social inclusion and empowerment of vulnerable groups
  • Sustainable development and protection of the environment
  • Capacity building for NGOs

Bilateral cooperation

Under the agreement for 2009-14, the bilateral dimension is strengthened with more strategic cooperation being established at the programme level. Nine public entities from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are foreseen as programme partners with Bulgarian counterparts. Partnerships at project level will continue to be encouraged. 

Call for proposals 

1st call: concluded

2nd call: January, June and September 2014

3rd call: March 2015

Programme Operator
Open Society Institute in partnership with Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation
Elitsa Markova - Programme manager
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone (+359 2) 9306612

Resources and more information 

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