spainflagNGO Programme 2009-2014 

Total allocation: €45.85 million
Allocation to NGO Programme: €4.6 million


The NGO Fund in Spain will be invested strategically in order to create value, in qualitative terms, to the sector. Some of the main priorities include:
  • development of networks and coalitions;
  • establishment of partnership systems;
  • empowerment and capacity-building of vulnerable groups;
  • fostering the sustainability of the entities;
  • support to participation in political decision processes;
  • mutual learning;
  • improvement of governance.

A minimum 10% of the total eligible expenditure of the programme shall address children and youth at risk.

Bilateral cooperation
The main objective of the bilateral fund in Spain will be to share experiences and good practices regarding capacity-building of the Third sector organisations, taking advantage of the experience of donor state in this field. The exchanges are aimed at knowing and transferring experiences from Donor State able to provide an added value to the projects implemented under EEA Grant in Spain.
The bilateral cooperation will be focused on the four lines of priority action of the Programme.
  1. Projects aimed at promoting the cross-cutting articulation and cooperation of the sector at the national or territorial level by developing and building the capacity of networks and coalitions. This visit will focus on the current process of articulation of the sector at the national and territorial levels in Spain and Donor States.
  2. Projects aimed at establishing partnership systems (public, private, market) through which the sector improves its positioning, consolidates its assets and intensifies its cooperation with other actors. The main issue will be how to support the need of openness and external cooperation of the Third Sector of social action.
  3. Projects aimed at creating cooperation systems and economies of scale in the sector, especially in the provision of services through alliances or mergers. The issue shall be how contribute to the better positioning of the sector in the provision of services and increase its competitiveness.
  4. Projects aimed at fostering grassroots initiatives, especially local, micro-local, promoted jointly by various Third Sector entities and aimed at weaving the social fabric, at fostering participation and civic commitment. The focus will be how to support civil participation and guarantee that the Funds tackle the local level.
Call for proposals 
1st call: August 2013
Programme operator
C/ Tribulete 18 (local). Entrada por el lateral del edificio. 28012 Madrid.
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Managing director: Marisa Gomez Crespo
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